Lover's Smoke (Drake & Sade Mashup)

Vacations -  Lover's Smoke (Drake & Sade Mashup)

  May 28, 2017 11:16
Lover's Smoke (Drake & Sade Mashup)
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Sade and Drake are a surprisingly complimentary duo on this "Free Smoke" and "Lover's Rock" mashup.

Much like he did Aaliyah, Drake has paid tribute to the influential Nigerian-British singer Sade with a tattoo in her honor. Now, Vacations (AKA Brooklyn DJ John McSwain) has premiered a 5-track mashup album of Drake and Sade on OVO Sound Radio. Whether or not that sounds like a good idea on paper, it's pretty effective in practice. "Lover's Smoke," which sounds like it might be a better title than a mashup, is surprisingly one of the best of the collection. Though one of the least melodic numbers on More Life, the tense paranoia of the "Free Smoke" adds some complimentary textures to "Lover's Rock." proof once again that Sade's breathy voice sounds great over pretty much anything.

Listen to the full project here.

Quotable Lyrics:
I am in the wilderness
You are in the music
In the man's car next to me
Somewhere in my sadness
I know I won't fall apart completely


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