If you live in Los Angeles, you can get weed delivered to your doorstep whenever you run out of supply. Other parts of the country are not as lucky though. There are still too many states that have not legalized recreational or medical cannabis use and although the stigma appears to finally be dissipating regarding pot smokers, it can still be pretty sketchy to cop some grass in the street. As reported by Complex, a group of USPS delivery workers have been abusing their jobs to flex their drug dealing prowess, using their mail delivery trucks to transport weed to and from potential clients. As you would likely have assumed, multiple people have been convicted as a result.

Darren McCollester/Newsmakers/Getty Images

Two United States Postal Service employees were convicted this week after staging separate schemes to deliver drugs during their shifts. In the first case, Mobile, Alabama's Unterria Rogers was sentenced to five years for running an illegal marijuana delivery system. The 33-year-old man reportedly got his supply from California and delivered packages along the way. He allegedly pocketed $250 per pound he moved. 

A second mail carrier, New Jersey's Fred Rivers, was busted on conspiracy charges after he reportedly intercepted drug-filled packages being delivered to fake names, selling them to a local drug dealer. 

Hopefully, these men don't end up spending too much time in prison. There are so many issues with the current justice system and the number of men and women locked up for marijuana-related offences just continues to grow. Still though, you've got to be a little smarter. Don't be using your company truck to deliver the goods...

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