When it comes to Usher's mounting legal problems concerning unconfirmed allegations of passing on an STD to both male and female sex partners without their knowledge, the singer's insurance company is more than willing to let it burn.

According to TMZ, these are New York Marine and General Insurance Company's confessions: they won't be fronting any cash if Usher loses the $20 million lawsuit against him because they don't cover STD's, specifically herpes, which is what the R&B star has been rumored to pass on to his accusers. As per legal documents filed by the insurers today, there's a clause in Usher's policy that excludes coverage for "bodily injury ... arising out of the transmission of any communicable diseases by [Usher]." The company has also referenced lawsuits filed by celebrity attorney Lisa Bloom on behalf of three additional accusers - two female and one male - saying it also won't pay should he succumb to those legal battles as well.

Before we get too caught up in the details, the insurance company says that they will pay for his defense in the first lawsuit that was filed for $20M, but it seems to be coming with at least one caveat. Based on the court's interpretation of Usher's policy, he not only won't have insurance money to pony up for damages, but he'll most likely be on the hook to reimburse any fees they accrue during his defense.