Usher's attempt at getting a judge to dismiss Laura Helm’s case against him for giving her herpes has been denied. Usher previously claimed in court documents that Laura's contraction of herpes should have been a risk she was aware of when having unprotected sex. He also claimed there was no proof that he was the one to give her the STI, and now Bossip reports that Atlanta Judge Kelly Lee Ellerbe's is calling bullshit. 

The publication notes that Laura successfully argued that it was Usher who gave her herpes, even though the famed R&B singer has never confirmed he has it. Usher's disregard to the complaint added more weight to the case and to Laura's claims of emotional distress. Usher even tried to shame Laura for not bringing protection for their sexual encounter. 

Laura sued Usher for negligence, battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, fraud and since the judge is moving forward with the case, Laura can take the matters to trial.