Last week we reported on the latest updates surrounding Usher's herpes case and the Jane Doe that was suing the singer for allegedly giving her the STD. As we posted, Usher wanted the unidentified women to pay $2,500 after he claimed that she didn't follow through with the deposition by not answering questions surrounding the contraction of herpes. 

The Blast now reports that Jane Doe has clapped back and is looking to get the fine dropped since she says that Usher and his team of lawyers tried to mischaracterize her allegations from the lawsuit. Documents state Usher's team asked questions regarding “sexual battery [on] plaintiff which were absent prior Court order beyond the permissible scope of inquiry.” Jane Doe is also calling Usher out for not responding to her legal team for 22 months prior to the deposition. She wants the fine dropped and for Usher to cough up money for her attorney fees. 

David Becker/Getty Images

Usher has also been sued by an unidentified man who claims he and Usher had sex at a spa in Koreatown in Los Angles. John Doe had previously accused Usher of not turning over his medical records in the case, but Usher clapped back with jargon on physician-client privacy.