The Usher's herpes case is seemingly never-ending since Laura Helm is back again with another case against the singer, after dropping her previous case. Laura first sued Usher for giving her the STD and Usher fired back saying she assumed the risk when sleeping with him unprotected. In her first case, she claimed Usher forced her to perform oral sex on him. She dropped her case voluntarily for unknown reasons.

According to The Blast, Laura is now suing Usher after he reportedly said she failed to mention if she had an STD before they had sex and she could have very well contracted herpes from a previous partner. He denied any wrongdoing and looked to have Laura pay his legal bills also citing how she never had protection on her. 

“Defendant audaciously requests this Court to support his self-serving notion that an individual infected with an incurable virus owes no duty regarding his ‘hidden defect’ to a potential sexual partner," her new documents write. She adds how Usher's attempt to dismiss the case is  “a shallow attempt to divert responsibility."

The case is ongoing.