Back in 2015, Usher got married. It was a surprise to his fans as the singer kept his longtime relationship with manager Grace Miguel—who now goes by Grace Harry—a guarded secret. The couple tied the knot in Cuba, but by March 2018, their romance had grown cold. In December of that same year, Usher filed for divorce, and since that time, Usher and Grace have moved on with their lives. Grace has managed to stay out of the spotlight, something that husbands and wives of megastars often can't do, and she recently resurfaced in an interview with Coveteur. She speaks openly about what life has been like as a single woman who faced "divorce number three."

For almost three decades, the 51-year-old has worked as a creative director in the industry and the divorce caused her to re-evaluate her career. The breakup from Usher led Grace to do some "deep work and figured out a few things" including confronting her fear of rejection. Now, she calls herself a "joy strategist" and challenges the expected roles of marriage.

"The more I went to pleasure and joy, the more all these bizarre societal beliefs—all these should’s and can’ts—came up," she said. "[Beliefs like] you have to be married, sexy as hell, cook a five-course meal, entertain the community, be available for sex all the time, love every in-law, create humans.” As Grace Harry continues to figure out her path, it's reported that Usher is in a relationship with Jenn Goicoechea, the vice president of A&R at Epic Records.