Hopefully Usher's r'n'b singing and dancing skills translate well into the art of boxing. The singer has been tapped for an upcoming film, where he'll play boxer Sugar Ray Leonard. The film, titled "Hands Of Stone," is about boxer Roberto Duran.

Billboard reports that Usher has already been prepping for the role as Sugar Ray Leonard for over year, and he's still not done-- he has to lose 25 pounds before shooting begins in October.

Usher spoke on the role, which he considers an honor, saying, "You couldn't find a more stylized boxer than Sugar Ray Leonard." He continued, "He was an incredible motion guy, the way he moved around the ring, and I think my dancing will make it easier for me to pick up his moves. I've been working on familiarizing myself with the ring, sparring and just understanding how to move in the ring."

Apart from Ursh, "Hands Of Stone" will also star Robert De Niro and Edgar Ramirez, who plays Duran. This will be Usher's first leading role in a feature film, but he says he's up for the challenge.