It's been an interesting week in terms of Usher news. The most recent piece of information pertaining to the situation is that Usher has said he did not have any sort of sexual relation with Quantasia Sharpton, his only public accuser. TMZ sources have said that Usher has denied any relation with the woman, simply because "she is not his type."

During Sharpton's press conference earlier this week, she claimed that Usher had picked her out from the crowd before he reached out to her after the show asking which hotel she was staying at. While the report says that it's possible that Usher picked her out from the crowd, everything that allegedly happened after the fact is apparently false.

The TMZ report says that Usher often gets different types of people to bring on stage. The sources also say that Usher is a "esteem booster" to bring different people on stage and single out, not just the "supermodel" type.

While much of this isn't that surprising, there are still two other accusers that have yet to be addressed by the R&B singer.

Just after her press conference, the internet worked it's magic and found two tweets from a week prior claiming that she's "enjoying her last couple of moments as a regular girl" and that she "needed money."

It's definitely a strange scenario that has been unfolding by the weeks but we'll see what ultimately ends up happening.