Both Jermaine Dupri and Young Jeezy have posted photos on Instagram that show them in the studio with Usher, which is sure to be a welcome sight for fans of the R&B singer. He and Dupri are longtime friends and collaborators, having created the multi-platinum records 8701 and Confessions, as well as My Way. 

Back in January, Usher released an odd video clip called 'The Transformation Begins' wherein he asked viewers if they were "ready" after having his faux mohawke shaved off. Now it looks like he's officially working on material for his next album, although there's been no word of a release date or title. 

The tag under JD's image read: "The look of Southside right now @howuseeit @youngjeezy #studioflow #ushernewalbum @sosodef @global14 #ATLshawty". Jeezy's read: “You already snow!! #itsthaworld.” 

Peep the images of the studio session in the gallery above, and below, watch 'The Transformation Begins' and listen to the latest we have from Usher, Jermaine and Jeezy (in that order):