Over the past 10 days, Colin Kaepernick's been collecting donations from his celebrity friends in an effort to hit the final $100K of his million dollar pledge goal to donate to H.O.M.E (Helping Oppressed Mothers Endure, a charity in Lithonia, GA that provides single mothers resources during difficult times in their lives. He's received donations from Meek Mill, Jhene Aiko, Steph Curry, Chris Brown, Joey Bada$$ and many more over the past week and a half and has been matching the donations. Today, he completes his pledge with a $10K donation from Usher

Colin Kaepernick posted a video on his social media accounts to announce the completion of the #10For10Challenge. Kaepernick shared his appreciation for all of the celebrities that donated money throughout the past ten days and helped him reach his goal. 

"It has been an honor for me to serve the people with my #MillionDollarPledge," he wrote on Instagram, "The thanks and gratitude from each organization has been immense. Being able to learn and see how each organization used the donations was a key part of the Pledge."

Kaepernick shared a video from Usher following the donation. "Colin, you got my 10. You know when you called, I was there for you. I wanted to recognize and also to support an organization that I felt is amazing for single mothers in Atlanta. Out of Lithonia, GQ." he said, "This was an opportunity to do something major and you did it. You raised a million dollars and I'm happy to be part of the completion of that million dollars."

Check out the Instagram posts below.