Usher came through with a surprise album to the delight of many fans. His last record Hard II Love had a self-prophesying title as it failed to connect with fans as his previous records did. Although A comes as a kind of homage for the innovative sound that came out of his hometown city of Atlanta, many of his fans are disappointed in the release, saying that the album classifies the music icon as a trend-hopper.

His age is part of the equation. Usher's pushing 40 has some people wondering why he is still trying to rock with the youngins on his Zaytoven-produced record.

According to some, the singer lost his "musical identity." The songs themselves might be good, but the essence fans fell in love with is missing. The day-one stans insist that all they want is a classic r&b album, instead of the kind of sing-rapping bangers that new artists have brought to the forefront of mainstream music.

If the record came from a new artist, A might not be getting such harsh criticism. Since Usher has been rocking the game for over 20 years, starting with his self-titled debut of 1994, expectations are bound to be attached to any material he releases.

Artist's and their craft are likely to evolve over time. It's a process. Those who aren't rocking with this album can wait for the next one. Usher might be middle-aged, but he doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon.