Things got heated yesterday at a West Hollywood recording studio. Rich The Kid was reportedly the target of an armed robbery that dry of tons of cash and jewelry. Usher was inside of the studio when eveyrthing went down . Earlier today, the rapper made sure to give fans some assurance that he's all good.

Usher earlier today and asked him about the incident involving Rich The Kid. The R&B legend seemed completely unfazed by what happened but he did give fans some reassurance that he was okay, simply giving a thumbs up and telling the photographer, "Yeah man" after he was asked if he was alright. Usher was actually coming outside of the same studio that Rich The Kid was robbed at. However, he clear didn't want to divulge into any detail about the incident.

Rich The Kid and his entourage members were attacked outside of the studio on Wednesday. The rapper suffered a few injuries but he seemed to be okay. He posted a picture of himself on Instagram holding a stack of cash in front of a Lambo. 

Reports claimed they were possibly 10 shots fired and the suspect who fired the gun was seen running away form the recording studio after he opened fire. Rich The Kid's reps later confirmed that the rapper was doing okay after the incident. 

Peep the footage here via TMZ.