Anybody who came up during the early millennium can attest to the fact that Usher, Lil Jon, and Ludacris' "Yeah" was one of the biggest songs of the era. It was one of those rare singles that seemed to transcend fan bases, hitting all walks of life from the hip-hop heads, to the pop fans, to the soccer moms, to the club rats. Everyone was affected by Lil Jon's infectious synth and untamed vocals, and the Grammy Award winning song went on to go four times platinum. Suffice it to say, "Yeah" was one of hip-hop's timeless crossover bangers, and the trifecta behind it truly caught lightning in a bottle. 

Lil Jon has been busy building schools in Ghana, but it would appear that he's once again revisiting his musical roots. The once ubiquitous producer took to Instagram to post a picture of himself, Usher, and DJ Kronic, along with the caption "7AM N THE STUDIO! @usher @djkronic @skippybrand AND ME! WE UP TO SOMETHING 😜😜😜🔥🔥🔥." Meanwhile, Lil Jon mysteriously holds up a full jar of peanut butter - do with that what thou wilt.

It's unclear what they're doing, but studio sessions generally tend to lead to one thing: new music. It would be a smart move for both Usher and Jon, who have gone a minute without a massive hit; perhaps they can help each other stage a much-needed comeback. What do ya'll think? Is the world ready for a "Yeah Part Two?"