Earlier this week Usher accuser, Quantasia Sharpton made claims at her press conference with celebrity lawyer, Lisa Bloom, that she met Usher at a show after he brought her up on stage. Afterwards,  he ended up meeting Sharpton at her hotel in Atlantic City, less than a mile from the venue, where he allegedly went to her room. While many didn't believe it and sources close to Usher said that he denied the allegations because she "isn't his type" some new information has surfaced from an employee who works at the DaysInn Sharpton was staying at the night of the show.

In a report from TMZ, a woman who claims to be an employee at the hotel says that Usher did indeed make his way to the hotel to meet Sharpton. The employee says that she had seen Usher meet Sharpton in the lobby of the hotel. Sharpton allegedly came down to the lobby, met Usher then brought him back to her room. 

The employee told TMZ that she asked Usher for a picture and while he did agree, he said he'd do it once he left the hotel. She says that he never made his way down to get the picture. 

It's definitely a strange series of events that have occurred for Usher. While there is a lot of talk on social media about the credibility of Sharpton, we have yet to hear any sort of public statement from Usher or his lawyer.