This morning celebrity lawyer, Lisa Bloom, held a news conference pertaining to her clients accusations of contracting herpes from Usher. One of the women who is making accusations towards the R&B singer, Quintasia Sharpton, is saying that he had sex with her after a show and allegedly never informed her of having herpes.

Sharpton said during the press conference that she didn't test positive for the STD but contacted Bloom to understand her rights as a woman.

Documents obtained by TMZ, they say that the lawsuit is based off of news reports that Usher is carrying the disease and settled a herpes lawsuit a few years back for closer to $1 million. 

The lawsuit also claims that all three plaintiffs experienced severe mental trauma including depression, anxiety and emotional distress. 

The press conference took place this morning in Los Angeles, where Lisa Bloom stated that she is unsure if Usher does have herpes but is basing it off of media reports and the fact that he hasn't made a public statement denouncing the claims.

So far two women and a man are claiming that they were exposed to the STD. One of the women is claiming that they had vaginal sex with him while the other man claimed that he had oral sex with Usher. 

In the press conference, Lisa Bloom stated that she's been contacted by several other people with similar claims against Usher. 

Watch the press conference below: