Reggie Bush's legacy has its highs and its lows. Bush attended the University of Southern California from 2003-2005 and was a superstar. The USC Trojans won a national championship and Bush won the coveted Heisman trophy, and their reign was written in the history books. Until it was wiped clean. After a very lengthy investigation by the NCAA, Bush was stripped of his awards, USC was stripped of their title, and the school was banned from bowl games for years. The punishment was handed down after the NCAA found that Bush was heavily compensated with rewards and gifts by the school. The NCAA sought to punish players, who generate billions, for receiving monetary or valuable compensation. They still have the same attitude in 2019.

Reggie Bush was banned from USC unless it was in a work capacity, so on Saturday, he made his triumphant return to the university. Bush works as an analyst for Fox Sports 1, and he was on-site covering the USC-Utah game. Bush made his way down to the field during the game, and was standing just outside of the endzone when USC's running back Markese Stepp scored a touchdown. In celebration, Stepp gave Bush a quick dap, and the referee called an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on the young running back for the interaction. The penalty felt like a subtle jab to Bush and a warning to players from the NCAA that getting paid is frowned upon by the organization.