Rap artists in the US are toning down the colour of their rides, opting to go with a matte black paint job rather than the usual flashy colours.

According to Forbes Magazine, the head of Los Angeles luxury car "pimper" Platinum Motorsports, George Keshishyan, said matte black paint jobs are the order of the day, as rappers now prefer to travel incognito.

Keshishyan further revealed that his workshop had just re-sprayed a near-new Rolls-Royce Ghost in matte black, and blacked out the wheels and grill of rapper Kanye's Range Rover, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

And rapper Jay-Z has swapped flashed Italian thoroughbred super cars for the hearse-like look of the Maybach 62 limousine.

Eminem is also relatively low-key, preferring to drive a 63,000 dollar Hummer, while Ludacris gave away a 1971 Buick Oldsmobile convertible because he was sick of being spotted in it.

Forbes also said two-tone paint schemes are making a comeback, with some owners combining matte and gloss finishes on their rides. (ANI)