While the NFL has always reigned supreme, there have been numerous leagues that have tried to compete. The XFL is one of the first leagues that comes to mind, and its failed reboot in 2020 continues to be a well-documented occurrence. Now, The Rock is in charge of the XFL and it could very well be looking at a merger with the CFL. Decades before the XFL, we had the United States Football League or the USFL for short. Donald Trump was an owner of one of the teams and despite a three-year run from 1983-1985, the league ended up dissolving.

Now, however, the USFL is making a massive comeback as it will return in the Spring of 2022, with its eight original teams. All of the franchises have the same names, and it is looking like the league has a real backing behind it, as games will be broadcast on Fox Sports.


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"The relaunch of the USFL is a landmark day for football fans and Fox Sports," CEO Eric Shanks explained per TMZ. "Football is in our DNA and the return of this innovative and iconic league is a fantastic addition to our robust slate of football programming."

There is no guarantee that this will be a successful endeavor, however, with fans yearning for more football, the USFL has an opportunity to do what the XFL and AAF couldn't. Let us know if you're excited about this new league, in the comments below.

Jim Kelly

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