When it comes to COVID-19, no sports league was hit harder by the virus than the NFL, which struggled to contain the virus amongst its players last season. With 52 players on a roster, it's hard to get every single member of a team to adhere to COVID-19 protocols, and as a result, the league was forced to reschedule numerous games, all while accommodating teams that had outbreaks.

Now, the league is cracking down on its COVID protocols and they are taking aim at unvaccinated players and staff. Recently, a coach for the Minnesota Vikings was fired for not taking the vaccine, meanwhile, teams who have outbreaks amongst the unvaccinated will have to forfeit games and not get paid for them.

Deandre Hopkins

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Players like Deandre Hopkins and Leonard Fournette have come out against these rules, and they aren't backing down. They believe the vaccine is useless and they simply don't want it in their bodies. In fact, Hopkins would even consider retirement before being subjected to a jab.

DeAndre Hopkins
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Leonard Fournette
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According to ESPN, the league will be looking to fine players without the vaccine if they end up breaking protocols. Those who are vaccinated will not have to jump through as many hoops this season, however, the unvaccinated need to adhere to last year's rules. If such players break the rules, they could be fined upwards of $14,000 for their troubles. Considering how much these guys make, the amount is fairly insignificant.

The NFL season could prove to be very interesting as a result of these protocols, and only time will tell whether or not some players decide to protest.

Leonard Fournette

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