Although it tends to be common knowledge that interns get to do the jobs paid employees don't want to do--like answering the phones and getting coffee and lunches, it seems one particular intern at Bad Boy Entertainment was unaware, and she's pissed that that's the kind of work she was hired to do.

A former unpaid intern at Bad Boy, Rashida Salaam, has filed a lawsuit against the company claiming she took the position in January 2012 until May 2012 and couldn't believe what she was forced to do: get coffee and lunches, make deliveries, decorate the office on holidays, answer the phone and wrap presents.

She is apparently so upset at the work she had to do for Diddy and his company that she is suing them. The thing is, due to recent changes in the law regarding unpaid internships, she may just have a case-- there's no more free labor for course credit.