Uno The Activist Shouts Out Jamba Juice & Wiz Khalifa On "How To Roll"

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November 16, 2017 12:48

Uno's favourite strains of weed are Gelato and Sunset Sheppard.

Uno The Activist has been making himself known for so much more than just another Atlanta rapper. The young artist is a cousin to Playboi Carti, who both lend their success to the platform that is Soundcloud. 

"I remember when no one was on SoundCloud, bro. I was really one of the first people to just have all my music on SoundCloud. And it wasn’t because SoundCloud was a thing," Uno told HNNH last month. "It was because I couldn’t put my mixtape on LiveMixtapes. I’m from the southside of Atlanta, bro, everyone was tuned in to LiveMixtapes. But I ain’t have that plug, so I was like, fuck it, and dropped it on SoundCloud. Went to school and was like, yo, man, I got this song, man. Nobody was hip to that shit."

In his latest feature on the site, the Live.Shyne.Die rapper shows fans how to chop it up on HNHH's How To Roll segment. Uno's tips for rolling start off with picking the best Backwoods from your pack, one without many stems. Your next move is to simply unravel your Backwoods and make sure it's "flat as hell." He says Backwoods isn't his only smoke of choice, saying he's gifted at rolling papers too. When asked when he first smoked he admits his first time was in fifth grade. 

"The first time I ever hit a blunt bro I was in like fifth grade bro," he recalls in the video. "I ain't even know I was high until when I really started smoking. I was like 'damn bro I was high as hell.' Ni**a we was running all around the hotel bro from hotel to hotel, we was high as hell."

When it comes to filling your Backwoods, he suggests not using a grinder and just your fingers. When all comes together, he says, "take your fingers and smash down all the weed" to make the perfect tuck and roll - as Wiz Khalifa probably taught you. 

"Once you doing that there's going to be a lot of extra paper left" depending on how much weed you have and how soft it is. The next step, after you finesse your roll, is to cut the paper where the stem is not close to the edge. 

Finishing off the process, Uno says the amount he smokes depends on where he's at. In California it's "non-stop" in New York it's "a couple times a day" because weed isn't as accessible.  

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