You may have heard the name Ambjaay once or twice. His single, "Uno" has made waves over the past few months with everyone from Kylie Jenner to Drake showing the 19-year-old rapper love. Even with that, he hasn't really blown up like that just yet but he's appreciative for all the love that he's gotten. Unfortunately, the moment he tried to show love back, it seems to have resulted in his arrest.

According to TMZ, Ambjaay's attempt to host a free high school concert got shut down by police and also got him in the back of a paddywagon. So, the rapper was trying to hold it down for the kids at Rancho Cucamonga with a free show after he saw a video of the students turning up to his hit single. After he told kids to pull up to a park for an impromptu concert, law enforcement put his plans on hold. Police said that the rapper didn't have a permit for the performance and that's why they shut it down. 

Apparently, Ambjaay redirected his fans to another park for the concert. However, the police heard about the plans and then pulled him over, searched the whip and put cuffs on his wrist for allegedly disturbing the peace. 

Although he was released, a rep for the rapper said that Ambjaay was just trying to give back to his community. The rep also claimed that Ambjaay was also racially profiled and the only reason the police said he was "disturbing the peace" was that they didn't let him perform.