WorldStarHipHop is not without its critics. While the site does host music from hip hop artists both mainstream and underground, it also promotes videos of random acts of violence and crime. The latest opposition to the site has come from The Universal Zulu Nation.

Current Minister Of Information for the organization, Quadeer “M.C. Spice” Shakur has written an open letter to WorldStar and its founder Lee O'Denat, in which he accuses WSHH of misrepresenting Hip Hop culture.

“This is a new year, and the Universal Zulu Nation has begun a movement against anyone who is against us,” Shakur declared. “Mr. O’Denat, either you are for Hip-Hop Culture, or you are not. There is no in-between, and no matter how many people have hyped you to believe that WorldStarHipHop is anything close to what this Culture is, they told you a lie.”

Shakur's tone quickly becomes more threatening, as he mentions a video from the site which he believes may qualify as child pornography. He also alludes to the possibility of O’Denat working with federal agents.

“This is not the first time you have posted content that has been of this nature, and from the looks of it, this is probably Child Pornography,” said Shakur. “Therefore, I will forward the link and the video to the proper authorities to be sure that these young people are in fact of age and in full consent of being on your site in such a demeaning fashion. I’m unsure if this will bring about any charges, as there is a huge rumor on the streets that you are in fact working for the feds and are using your site as a cover up.”

WorldStar has yet to respond to the letter.