A passenger tried to enter the "mile high club" while rocking himself solo during a flight. Things turned sour when another passenger, "Genevieve Pascolla" noticed him massaging his meat under a blanket. Pascolla was understandably disturbed and decided to alert another female passenger who was also seated in close proximity to the wanker. They both were relocated to different seats on the aircraft. For some reason, the crew didn't stop the man from continuing his sexual act. 

Pascolla posted part of her "uncomfortable experience" on Instagram. A long caption details the event:

"On June 4th I was on a #unitedairlines flight from Heathrow to Chicago. On this flight the man next to me started masturbating I woke up and saw him touching himself under a blanket (see attached video)[...] They gave us new seats. They then started making jokes about the situation asking “what perfume are you wearing” and excusing him saying “he’s had a bit of wine” no one stopped him. He was allowed to finish, with a child sitting closely by."

At first, United Airlines refused to give Pascolla a refund for her trouble. The customer received a flimsy apology a month after her complaint. The letter ended with the airline's hope that her next trip will be a better one.