Jordan Brand recently teamed up with Union owner Chris Gibbs for a special capsule collection consisting of two Air Jordan 1s inspired by the late ’80s early ’90s, as well as a range of apparel.

The limited edition kicks, retailing for $190, first launched on November 17 but a restock has been announced for today at 12pm ET exclusively through Frenzy app (download here).

Each of the AJ1s fuses together classic colorways with a noticeable stitch mark, evidence of a process that celebrates DYI culture and vintage hunting. According to Nike, Gibbs describes the inspiration as finding your most coveted pair of sneakers at the flea market, then elevating it by combining it with another pair to create a unique 1-of-1.

Gibbs, who frequents Los Angeles-area flea markets and vintage stores, made sure all of the gear in the collection had been washed and distressed to perfectly match the era that Union wanted to reference.

Per Nike:

“The Jordan stuff I wear now is like if I go to a vintage market and I find some really old stuff that’s kind of patinaed or weathered in,” he says. “To me, the vintage nature of it allows you to kind of wear it outside of its intended purpose.”

“One of the things we worked on was the drape,” said Gibbs. “I’ve learned from buying and selling a lot of high fashion that once you get through your normal silhouette of a T-shirt and a jean — garments that everybody can kind of do — there is really a lot of attention placed on how garments fall on the body.”