It's already October in this bitch. Shieeet. I don't mind though, October is my favorite month, and not just 'cause it contains my birthday. Here a few examples of all the good shit that happens in October: Boardwalk Empire started back up, Halloween, Kendrick Lamar's album, Meek Mill's album... you get the point. Yesssir, let's enjoy this month.

Evidence- Sakura Feat. Planet Asia

I was a little surprised at this collabo, but randomly enough, we got this new Evidence track last week which features Planet Asia. This joint is from 2011ish and Evidence's explanation of it was pretty much that he was high. The result is quite pleasant.

Logic- Steps Back Radio Freestyle Feat. Mikkey Halsted

Two rappers on their grind link up on this cut, and it shows. They spit real lyrics for Don Cannon's upcoming mixtape, Steps Back Radio. Hopefully it'll feature a lot more records like this.

Euroz- Young Kings

Euroz was a rapper we first came across first when doing HNHH Heatseekers. The Las Vegas spitter already had a little following building, and since he's been featured in Heatseekers, he's just gotten bigger, so we're linking up with him to drop his new mixtape The Foundation tomorrow. “Young Kings” depicts the life of a young rapper trying to achieve great things.

Fredro Starr- Triple Flyness

I've never really listened to Onyx, but this record from Fredro Starr is pretty tough. The beat features a looping “ahh” alongside strings and it's pretty smooth. Meanwhile Fredro spits about his flyness (that is, flyness x 3). The rapper has a mixtape coming soon so we'll have to see if the project is just as strong.