With everyone going into election-look-at-me-vote mode today, here are some songs to just vibe out too once you've had enough Obama or Romney talk for the day. I know my quota is almost full.

Sir Michael Rocks- LVL 1 Feat. Shorty K & Tris J

It's a TPC affair on this cut, and I'm enjoying it. I wanna join the clique. Sir Michael Rocks gives shine to his crew members Shorty K and Tris J. While Tris J has pumped out two mixtapes already, we're still waiting on some solo ish from Shorty K. The three of these dudes together on a track works extremely well, especially over a Cardo beat. I can't ask for much more.

Murs- Funeral For A Killer (Prod. By 9th Wonder)

9th Wonder provides a dope ass beat for Murs to get his story-telling on. The duo are releasing a joint album The Final Adventure, and this will live on it. Murs contemplates what a funeral for a killer would be like. Doesn't sound like a pretty sight.

Iamsu!- Ambitionz Az A Ridah PayStyle

Iamsu! takes a classic instrumental as his own on this leak off his upcoming mixtape $uzy 6 $peed. Although no one's going to be lining up to say Iamsu! did it better than Pac himself, it is refreshing to hear an old-school beat rather than a rapper using some washed-up popular industry instrumental that I really can't listen to another time.

Earl Sweatshirt- Chum

I don't listen to much Earl Sweatshirt or Odd Future in general, but I actually liked this track. This definitely isn't a feel-good song, in fact, it's kind sad but it's honest, and as Earl says, there's “something sinister to it.” It's not gunna lift up your mood, but it's something you can relate too. Earl talks on how things have changed in his life and growing up.