We're in mid-November now and it's almost Thanksgiving for all our U.S. residents, so we know everyone's gunna be eating some good and get pretty lazy (aka full) afterwards. Here's some tracks to pass the time during your Thanksgiving dinner. Play them for your parents, grandparents, cousins, siblings, neighbours etc..whoever is at your dinner table! 'Cause who doesn't love an acoustic remix of a Juicy J track?

August Alsina- Bandz Make Her Dance (Acoustic Remix)

August kills this track in r'n'b format. He somehow makes the ignorant-Juicy-J-record into something that feels deep and meaningful even though the lyrics are quite the opposite. August displays his singing chops, which have already impressed me in the past, and he continues to do so. I'm not always a fan of a 'remake' but this one is smooth as fuck.

Obie Trice- No Disrespect

This is Obie Trice's come-back track, and yes, he's tried come-backs before, not always so successful. This cut though was pretty well-received and he dropped some good bars on the current situation of the rap game and what he hates about it, while remaining true to himself. A lot of hip-hop fans can relate. His album Hangover is dropping in April.

Rockie Fresh- I'm Wit It

This new single from Rockie Fresh is pretty basic, but the beat goes and he flows over it well. His lyrics are nothing too complicated but rap isn't alway about that. Actually to me, the best part of this joint is the beat but that's life sometimes. The newest MMG member is definitely in a different lane than his associates, but it's a good range for MMG.

Cam Sutton- Understand

Cam Sutton was a recent Heatseeker from the tenth edition and he really stood out to me. HNHH viewers seemed to be feeling him as well, as he got a lot of positive feedback and likes for his song “Understand.” A lot of new rappers tend to bite another rapper's style (and it's kind unavoidable—they copy who they admire) but Cam seems to have his own style down pat. The beat has some cool old-school vibes and his lyrics are relatable.