Yo. We all have heard Pusha T's shots at Drizzy on "Exodus" (and the song as a whole is crazy) and we've probably all heard Lil Wayne's more than sub-par response, but here's some shit we all mighta not heard...also I missed last week's Underrated Audio, so a few songs from this past week will actually be from the previous week (aka May 14-20) 'cause I don't wanna forget some good ones. I don't want you to forget them either. And since it is Memorial Day Weekend music life has been a little slower the past few days, so maybe this'll keep you occupied on your day off and maybe you'll discover something new. Enjoy.

Luu Breeze- Down Town Up

This isn't hip-hop but it's definitely some good R&B. Luu Breeze is a Canadian artist from Toronto. This smooth jam is off his upcoming EP This Time Tomorrow.

Blu- Kiss The Sky Feat. Mela Machinko

Man, I've always liked Blu but he puts out music so erracticly it seems, it's hard to keep track of him. Anyways, he let go this new song, which just has a feel-good quality to it and hopefully means Blu's back at it. You can purchase it on iTunes.

Ro Ransom- Obedear (Remix)

My favorite least appreciated rapper, Ro Ransom, let go this remix of Purity Ring's “Obedear.” Not familiar with the original, but the beat is dope. And Ro drops two verses so you can definitely enjoy this like a rap song, not just one of those remixes with one verse where you only listen to it to hear that one verse and then change the song. Listen to this one all the way through, my friend. Still waiting on Ro Ransom's mixtape Ransomnia though.

C Dot Castro- Boomerang

C Dot Catro is affiliated with the rapper Logic, also known as Young Sinatra, who's crew is called RattPack. C Dot proved he had some skills on the mic on a feature on Logic's recent tape Young Sinatra: Undeniable. So I had to give his new song a listen. And it didn't disappoint. He raps over two Big Pun instrumentals and pays respect to a legend while also showing off his own abilities.

Caskey- The Killer Intro

I don't know much about Caskey but was sent this song, and the beat kept me listening. The beat has a mysterious/dark feel to it, and Caskey can actually spit. This lives on Caskey's new mixtape called No Complaint, which is out now.