Underrated Audio is back on our mission to supply you with exciting new music you may have missed upon initial browsing, from artists who haven't quite broken the mainstream. The talent is there, the quality uncut. 

It was a busy week in rap. ASAP Rocky has been spending way too much time in London. After delivering a free jazz opus of extraordinary depth, Kendrick Lamar went on to collaborate with Taylor Swift and Lady GaGa in the same week. And hackers have seemingly gotten their hands on all the hard drives belonging to all the most powerful men in the business. But, while the music industry stares into the abyss, young up-and-coming artists continue to show us that the possibilities available in hip-hop are far from exhausted. 

This week's edition includes: Houston's Club God, Chicago's most astute drug rapper, the Slutty Boyz, and the Sicko Mobb. Let's get started. 

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