Songs I like, you mighta missed cuz they're not-so-mainstream, you know the deal.





Tayyib Ali- Dear Lord [Prod. Jahlil Beats]

I was surprised to hear this beat because it does not sound at all like anything I've heard from Jahlil before, he should definitely make some smooth jams more often. Tayyib provides some deep lyrics to go along with it.


Young Roddy- The Plot

I haven't heard much solo material from Roddy, so it's nice to see he's finally getting more shine. This has the typical Jet Life-feel. Roddy has a laid-back flow as he plots on his come-up, and we'll definitely be posting more Roddy as he comes up.


Action Bronson- Pouches Of Tuna [Prod. Party Supplies]

This was the first track off their collab "Blue Chips" (out now on HNHH) and it's just such a dope beat. AB kills it too.


Hopsin- Hop Madness

Since Hopsin was recently an XXL Freshman he'll probably be receiving a lot more attention soon. He has some crazy lyrics, this track doesn't show just how crazy he can get, but it does show that he has a different sound. This is Hopsin's first single off his album "Knock Madness," that's coming out later this year.