Last week was pretty reasonable on the music-front, this week is about to get mad busy though, there's a ton of albums and mixtapes dropping. I haven't downloaded a complete new mixtape for a minute though, except for Clams Casino's Instrumental Tape 2 (any song of which I could have posted here...but instead I'll just tell you to go check it out entirely). All this to say, I'm looking forward to a few projects this week, and here's a few tracks in anticipation of some, and one or two you should just be aware of.

Joey Bada$$- Daily Routine

Joey composed this “song from scratch” for a series from Adidas & Yours Truly, and if it's indicative of his mixtape sound, it's sounding good. It's really impressive for a 17-year-old rapper. He has lyrics and beats with an old-school feel. His mixtape 1999 is dropping this Tuesday, so be on the look out for that on HNHH.

Nottz- Don't Need This Feat. Pusha T & Dwele

There's quite a lot of music released on a daily basis that I really don't need. This song isn't one. It touches on all that ish we don't really need, material items & music alike. We do need real music though. This will live on Nottz' EP In My Mind.

Crooked I- Fuck U Pay Me Feat. Twista & K-Young

Honestly I don't really listen to any of the artists on this song, but the song goes, and the “my dick is better than yo pussy” line is hilarious. Crooked's verse is definitely my favorite, it's just downhill after that. Crooked will be releasing a solo mixtape, Psalm 82:V6, in the near future.

XV- Andy Warhol Feat. Slim The Mobster

With his name “XV” I guess it's only fitting he does a song around the idea of “15 minutes of fame,” which was an expression coined by Andy Warhol. I think XV will get more than fifteen minutes though, he's still on the come-up but he has a huge fan base (plus he has skills). His next mixtape sounds like it'll be centered around the idea of fame and media, with the title Popular Culture. It'll be here in four days.