We've been getting a lot of good music for summer life, I don't want it to end. Summer life is my favorite kind of life. Lloyd Banks' new tape just dropped today, plus we had a slew of releases last week. I know everybody will be copping that V6, as they most definitely should, but here's a few other records that should be heard and/or downloaded.

8Ball- Lucky's Theme Song

This song surprised me by how good it is. I love narrative records, and this is definitely a dope one. 8Ball tells the story of an armed robbery as it happens to him and his girlfriend. The beat is laced with guitar strings and a girl crying adds to the vividness of the story. He also just released a video for it. I feel like this may be stand-out cut off 8Ball's album Life's Quest which actually dropped today. Cop it here.

Willie The Kid- My Nigga Willie

Willie The Kid spits over a beat that sounds like it came from a marching band with some soulful 'oohs' added throughout. It's a good thing. Produced by Don Cannon, this record will live on a compilation tape of unreleased/new Willie tracks. So I'm not sure if this is new or unreleased but it's one of the two!

Luu Breeze- King Kong

Luu Breeze, an up-coming rapper from Toronto, released a new project This Time Tomorrow the other day, and we posted this leak off it the other week. It's a hard beat and Luu goes hard over it, re-interpretating some famous Kanye lines on the hook.

Boldy James- One of One

Boldy Lego Blocks leaked a new single yesterday, produced by the Blended Babies. I think Boldy and Blended Babies are working on an entire project together, at least, I hope that's true. This track is evidence of how well they work together. Blended Babies' simplistic beats with Boldy's voice/flow is on point.