A lot of tracks get posted on HNHH and some of them fly under your radar, maybe because you've never heard of the artist before, you just didn't feel like clicking, or it wasn't labeled “very hot.” Whatever the reason, we're gunna start exposing some of the audio from the past week that you may have slept on every Monday...

Bodega BAMZ- 100 Keep It (Prod. V'Don) Feat. Smoke DZA & Willie The Kid

All these artists are pretty underground. Bodega BAMZ, a Spanish Harlem artist, links up with another Harlem rep, Smoke DZA and Willie The Kid for this single off his upcoming EP “Sidewalk Exec.” This track has a dope beat you can vibe too.

FUPM (Bobby Creekwater & Stat Quo)- Dope Out My Window

Bobby Creekwater & Stat Quo, both former Shady Records signees, have teamed up to form "FUPM" (Fuck U Pay Me) and they've released several songs so far, this is the latest one. I've read various comments about this one not being as good as the tracks they've previously released, but I still think this song goes. Everyone has blown dope out their window before, whether you're riding in a car or trying not to stink up your room. So I think we can all relate.

Maffew Ragazino- Jackson Pollock Feat. Das Racist

Maffew Ragazino gets a feature from alternative hip-hop group Das Racist over this beat sampling Grizzly Bear's “Two Weeks.” Great sample makes for a great song. Not sure what it has to do with Jackson Pollock though, he talks about getting white-boy wasted with a girl.

Ghostwridah- Rigamortus (Freestyle)

Ghostwridah has been letting go a lot of freestyles lately, and this is definitely one of his better one. He keeps up with the beat originally used by Kendrick Lamar. "Bird n*ggas pecking, but my style is too impeccable." Good ish.