Well guys, I’ve been pretty sick recently, but I guess it’s that time of year where colds are going around. So I definitely had the Monday blues yesterday, but then Tuesday rolled around, and Tuesday means it’s practically Wednesday which is practically the middle of the week, which is almost Thursday which is pretty much the end of the week, so if you're keeping up with, this means the week is almost over! And if the week is almost over, that means it’s almost holiday time! And what better way to end your week (on a Tuesday)  and start your holidays (a little early) with four dope songs.

Asher Roth- Monday Free

Asher Roth hasn’t released a freebie in a minute, but this Monday that changed with the aptly titled “Monday Free.” The freestyle from the rapper contains his typical flow and style, over an interesting choice of beat. I gotta say I woulda preferred a different beat, but I’m not mad.

GLC- Yo Bitch Chose Me Feat. Cory Mo & Bun B

These are the smooth sounds of GLC, an original G.O.O.D. Music member for those who are unaware of the Chi-town rapper. The sample in this song, also the title of it, is very nice.  Cory Mo and the Triple OG are the perfect features for this molasses-like cut (just tryna describe it any other way than ‘smooth’). This is from GLC’s mixtape which has a hilarious name and some dope cover art so I suggest you check it out (not only for those reasons, but for the music too). Silence Of The Lames.

Ab-Soul- Only 1 (Prod. by Willie B)

Ab-Soul made my day when he randomly dropped off this track. There really is only one Soulo. Ho. As usual, Ab-Soul drops some gems & big words on us. Favorite lines: “I ain’t the Black-Lipped Bastard  no more/I’m more mature/call me the Black-Lipped Pastor/ I walk on holy water “ and “Kendrick Lamar on an acid tablet.” Classic shit.

Kat Dahlia- Gangsta

I was pretty surprised that I actually liked this track. Granted, I had no idea what to expect, seeing as she’s a brand new artist to the site, but I like her sound. Her voice is different than I expected from the photo of her. She actually has some good raps on there, over a beat laced with piano keys.  She doesn’t believe any of your gangsta hype. I will be interested to see what Kat Dahlia drops next.