The Safdie brothers' newest film, Uncut Gems, is now the most successful movie released through A24 to date, according to Variety.

The movie earned $18.8 million domestically in the five days since its Christmas day open on Wednesday. That's a notch above A24's Midsommar which counted up $11 million over the same time, earlier this year.

A24 has quickly become one of the most successful production companies over the last decade. After starting in 2012, the company has produced MoonlightEuphoriaEx MachinaRoom and more, resulting in a number of awards from the academy, including Best Picture. 

This is also A24's second time working with the Safdie brothers. In 2017, the two groups collaborated to make Good Time, starring Robert Pattinson.

Critics are praising the film, giving it a 93% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. In particular, many are impressed by Adam Sandler's lead performance. Ty Burr of The Boston Globe writes, "Sandler inhabits this character fully and without vanity, working Howard's ready smile and desperate eyes and needling, never-ending sales pitch into a devastating portrait of a lesser shark, the kind who's always late for the kill." 

Former NBA champion Kevin Garnett also stars in the film and his work is being appreciated as well.

Uncut Gems is in theaters now.