Uncle Luke, the Miami veteran rapper who created many sexually explicit hit songs on his own and with 2 Live Crew, has taken the time to respond to the recently leaked audio of Trump making lewd comments to Access Hollywood in 2005 about the way he feels he can treat women, including his entitlement to "grab them by the p*ssy." During his career with 2 Live Crew, Luke dealt with much backlash from conservative organizations and politicians who felt 2 Live Crew's music should be banned for its "obscenity," and he apparently was forced to use large sums of his own money -- fighting for free speech -- in order to counteract the legal action taken against his group. 

In a new video posted to his Instagram, Luke expresses his belief that Trump's leaked remarks are proof of the Republican Party's hypocrisy. "I spent millions and millions of dollars dealing with this Republican Party. Are you fucking serious?!" he exclaims. "And now your nominee is out there talkin' bout 'grab her by the coochie'?! Are you serious?" 

"All you Republican right-wing, Christian values people -- 'we are the party of Christian values,'" Luke continued, "give me my motherfuckin' millions and millions of dollars back for fighting this un-senseless war for free speech. I want my money back." 

2 Live Crew's most successful album, 1989's As Nasty As They Wanna Be, was made illegal to sell in parts of Florida on the basis of meeting the legal definition of obscenity, and the group was even arrested for performing the album. Luke was eventually able to appeal to have the ruling overturned by a higher court, and a subsequent appeal to class the album as obscene was struck down by the US Supreme Court.