There are plenty of video game movies that never see the light of day (looking at you Halo), but it seems like the long-planned Uncharted film is coming together. TheHollywoodReporter is now reporting that Sony is bringing in director Travis Knight to take over from Dan Trachtenberg. 

Travis Knight may not be a household name, but the filmmaker has a few impressive titles under his belt. Knight is the man behind the 2018 Transformers spin-off Bumblebee and the upcoming Six Million Dollar Man reboot, aptly titled The Six Billion Dollar Man (accounting for inflation). 

The film has been plagued with working through numerous directors and writers. Trachtenberg's departure comes after working on the film for a total of eight months. Originally, the film was expected to come out back in 2016. Now, production is scheduled to begin next year.

The Uncharted series focuses on the adventures of Nathan Drake and is a staple of the PlayStation game catalog. Drake is a treasure hunter who travels the globe uncovering historical mysteries. The Uncharted series has sold 41 million copies. As of now, Tom Holland is set to star as Nathan Drake.

The film is being boasted as the first crossover between PlayStation Productions and Sony Pictures.