For fear the UK Drill scene has become overly critiqued on a level of entropy, I'd like to preface this article with a proviso: treat this story the way you would any tragedy.

Yessterday (August 2nd), a prominent member of the South London Drill scene was stabbed to death at dusk. Siddique Kamara known by his constituents as "Incognito" was found dead on the same road his "Moscow17" colleague Rhyhiem Ainsworth Barton was found slain back in May 2018. Police investing the crime scene believe Kamara's death is gang-related, and have launched a murder investigation in accordance with information they've garnered while surveying the Camberwell grounds.

Two men, aged 18 and 19 respectively, are being held in connection with the murder but have not been officially acquitted of any charges. Investigators remain hopeful witnesses to the crime will come forward with information leading to an arrest. 

Police arrived on the scene just north of 7:20pm where three men including Kamara were found with grave stab wounds. The men accompanying Kamara were rushed to a local hospital where they were presumed to be in a non life-threatening condition. 

Kamara's bandmates posted a message of remembrance on the group's Twitter page in which they asked their fans to send prayers towards their slain brother and his family.

"Friggy" seems to be most recent material Incognito had shared with the public, garnering well over 200k views in just over a week.

Rest In Power.