London rapper Digga D is easily one of the hottest rappers in the UK drill scene, with consistently viral freestyles, an upcoming collaboration with Unknown T and dancehall superstar Vybz Kartel, and even receiving an unlikely co-sign from Zac Efron.

After the rapper made a big splash last year with his single "No Diet" racking up over 19 million views on YouTube, he was promptly targeted by London police's notoriously heavy-handed response to drill artists

Only two short months after the release of "No Diet," the rapper and his 1011 crew became the first in the UK to be served with a Criminal Behaviour Order that barred them from releasing or recording new music without permission from police. 

He was arrested again in July for "inciting violence" after attending a Black Lives Matter protest in London and posting about the movement on Instagram. 

Right after being released for his previous arrest, rumours circulated that police brought the rapper right back in to custody, which he confirmed in an Instagram post earlier today.

"Again they are on me," the rapper is heard saying in the video as he is being cuffed. "For what? No reason."

When asked if he thought he was being treated unfairly by police in an interview with The Face magazine, Digga was clear.

"Oh, of course, 100 per cent," he asserted. "They didn't ban me from music [at first], only as it started hitting millions and [they] saw me prospering from it."

Digga D's treatment by London police has only strengthened his support from fans. In July, the London Metropolitan Police's Twitter account was hacked by fans who posted messages demanding the artist's release: “FREE DIGGA D ON FOENEM GANG.”