Ugly God has consistently been one of the oddest characters in the rap game. While his ability is no doubt apparent, his persona is so outrageous at times that some fans overlook his musical talents. In the past, Ugly God has been open about his desire to record a country music EP and while his just a lil something before the album... was not that, we could be seeing further Western influences in his music. Especially if we consider his recent activity on Instagram, it looks as though at least one of the many future Ugly God projects could be filled with country music.

With a few more drops planned for the rest of the year, Ugly God looks to be channeling his inner Tim McGraw as he posed in full cowboy attire for a photo on Instagram. Noting that the tables had turned, the "Booty" rapper put on his best Donald Trump impression, rocking a "Make America Great Again" cap and pairing it with a sleeveless flannel shirt, cut-off jean shorts, and classic cowboy boots. Keeping things classy, Ugly carried a six-pack of beer to complete the ensemble, giving peak country vibes with the look.

Whether or not the 2017 XXL Freshman went the entire day dressed like this is unknown but he made sure to take a few photos to remember the moment. Could we be looking at the transformation of Ugly God?