Fresh off of being selected as one of XXL's 2017 Freshman, Ugly God is preparing to release his debut project The Booty Tape. In a post to Instagram, the Indiana rapper shared an update on his upcoming mixtape, which he previously announced would be dropping in June.

"I'm so sorry for pushing back dates and I'm sorry for keep on saying sorry. And I'm telling you guys this because you guys are really my family," Ugly God told fans. He then proceeded to share a few key points about the tape. First off, he's cut a collaboration that appeared on the original tracklist released in April "X[XXTENTACION] and Ski [Mask The Slump God] are no longer on my tape," he revealed. "Those are my brothers for life, but all three of us are doing so well right now and we are just doing our own things right now; grinding. We will work in the future now." X and Ski were set to appear on a track called “GETOFFMYDICK.”

He then suggested that his distribution situation is what has held back the release. "I am NOT SIGNED...but I do have a distribution situation," he said. "So just throwing music on soundcloud is kind of unprofessional. I have to get my music registered in a system so everything can drop on all streaming platforms instead of just dropping it for free on soundcloud like I use to, and it takes long as fuck for that to go through."

According to God, he's made "so much fire" with the likes of Famous Dex, Lil Pump, SmokepurppLil Yachty, Wifisfuneral, and more, The Booty Tape, but the collaborations did not meet the deadline, so The Booty Tape will be "a damn near a solo project with no features." He also confirmed that some of his "old music" would be present on the collection. The original tracklist listed previously released tracks "Water" and "Bitch!" as inclusions. Earlier this week, he released "Fuck Ugly God," a self-diss track which will appear on the project. Though he did not share a release date, the rapper instructed fans to "be patient" and "just wait on it."

Read Ugly God's full post, in which he also expresses to be the "biggest artist there ever was" above.