We’re not even a week removed from the release of Ugly God’s long awaited Booty Tape, yet we’re already getting news about his next move. On Friday, the internet sensation took to his Instagram page to announce that he’s working on his official studio debut album.

“So I had a meeting with a few of my demons and they sat me down and put me in my place…album on the way,” he captioned the post.

The announcement comes on the heels of his forementioned Booty Tape, which he wasn’t too happy about its rollout. Prior to its release, Ugly God took to his Snapchat to voice his fristratuin with his distribution deal…

“So much shit has happened. Putting this out through my distribution company was hell and was just a constant reminder on why I will never sign. So don’t expect the best. I just want y’all to hear the OG before I really start turning up on these niggas. I will never sign. All I have is MINOR ass distribution deal. But really I’ve gotten to where I’m at all by myself. So that was my mistake even giving this distribution shit a try. But it’s okay. Things will be right back the way they were for me in a few months. I just like trying new things. So thanks to all my supporters that stuck with me through this bumpy lil part in my career. We all good I promise. Moral of the story. If you are smart and responsible enough to do this shit alone. Please do so because there is not one person on EARTH that genuinely wants to help you succeed without wanting a piece of it. It’s life. Love you guys.”

Check out the announcement (below) and be sure to revisit The Booty Tape right here if you haven’t done so already.