Ugly God is known primarily for his work as a Platinum-selling rapper. Despite this impressive musical beginning for the young emcee, he's definitely a normal guy at heart. In fact, he'll even go to a place like Walmart to do his everyday shopping, which I'm pretty sure is the kind of activity that actually makes you a true American. However, based on a recent Instagram post from Ugly God, when he goes to one of those famous super centers, he likes to go about his business a tad differently than most.

The rapper pulled out a wry sense of humor in the caption for the above photo, stating the following:

"When I go to Walmart, I like stuffing a whole bunch of stuff in my pockets and boxers and acting sneaky, but purposely letting the employees see me so when they get the whole Walmart staff to follow me and call the police, I walk to the cash registers and take everything out my pockets and boxers and then take out like $50k in cash out my little bag and then smile back at the employees and then pay for my stuff with my credit card just to waste their time and hopes of catching a young black man."

Whether or not he's ever been caught in a sticky situation because of this stunt, like if a cop were to descend upon the scene of his prank, is unknown but it's safe to say that Ugly God is, at the very least, quite self-aware of his surroundings and what his actions are perceived to be by the world at large. This has to with a bit of a mental and emotional awakening for the rapper, which he detailed in a lengthy Snapchat post earlier this year.

Ugly God is also gearing up for the release of his debut album later on this year. He recently teased a snippet of some of his new material via Instagram, which you can take a peek at below. Are you stoked for his upcoming LP? Does his preview sound fire or no? Let us know what you think.