Tekashi 6ix9ine is one of the biggest names emerging out of New York City right now. Between the controversy that surrounds him and the massive singles he's put out, he's pretty much the biggest topic of discussion in the music industry. He's currently awaiting trial after he plead guilty to the use of a child in a sex act which may result in three years. The judge ordered the rainbow haired rapper to complete his GED as part of his plea deal. Unfortunately, he failed his test and the judge gave him one more chance to do it and to ensure that he does pass, his good friend is offering a BAG to help him take the test. 

Ugly God took to his Instagram story asking people to help Tekashi 6ix9ine out yesterday after news dropped that he has one last chance to complete his GED. "I got $100,000 CASH for any smart person that has enough time to complete online classes for a GED. You must DM me your high school grades so we don't pick a dumbass. I'm asking for a colorful friend."

While he didn't mention 6ix9ine's name, a "colorful friend" is enough of an indication that who he's mentioning. The two of them have been seen together over the past few weeks. Most notably when Tekashi decided to clown Ugly God on wearing fake jewelry, only to reveal that the diamonds on his chain were the fake ones. Ugly God also came to Tekashi's defense a few weeks a go after someone claimed 6ix9ine choked him out. Ugly God claimed that the person was actually harassing Tekashi in the mall which resulted to 6ix9ine allegedly choking him.

Peep his post below.