The man who proudly dubbed himself Ugly God has harbored a public fascination with reptiles, becoming known for his tendency to hang lizards from his nose. In fact, he seems oddly at ease when a lizard is biting down on his nostril - dare I say, more so than most. And what's even wilder is the fact that people seem to love watching the man hang lizards from his nose, so much so that a video compliation called "Lizard Nose Ring Lil Ugly God" has amassed over four-hundred-and-fifty-thousand views. It stands to reason that the mind behind The Booty Tape has a fondness for the reptile kingdom, and the rapper recently decided to get informed on some of the more exotic cold blooded creatures out there.

In a recent video, Ugly God teamed up with New York based pet shop Fauna NYC for a crash course in hands-on reptile education. Over the course of seven-or-so minutes, reptile handlers Megan Sweeny and Daniel Kopulos teach Ugly God about some pretty impressive creatures, including the nigh-unpronounceable ornate uromastyx, a carpet python, the blue-eyed Leucistic ball python and an Argus monitor. Ugly God lives up to his reptile-loving reputation, letting snakes slither all over him before...sucking on the ball python. As absurd as the concept is on paper, it's actually a pretty entertaining and educational video, especially for all ya'll curious types. 

Check out the entire video below, especially if you're a fan of Ugly God's off kilter brand of humor.