Thanks Ugly God. Some may have previously wondered what we as a collective were thanking him for. To this day, we're still not quite sure. Either way, hip-hop's lizard king continues to plot from the confines of his basement studio. While the rapper known as Ugly God started out his career as a viral phenomenon, boasting hit videos like "Water" and "I Beat My Meat," his debut album The Booty Tape failed to make the impact its title may have promised; for many it was more "booty" is the bad way, and not "bad" in the good way.

Still, the rapper managed to retain his unique sense of charm, possessing enough talent to keep fans interested in future endeavours. Evidently, Ugly God, or "Pussy Bacon" as his associates call him, has been hard at work on the sound of the future. Having previously released a tide-over project by the name of Just A Lil Something Before The Album, Ugly God has worn his heart on his sleeve. The album in question is no longer shrouded in secrecy. Another snippet has arrived, courtesy of the God himself's Instagram Live feed.

To be honest, this one sounds hard as hell. Judging from the ad-libs and the "Lil Boat" ad-lib, it would seem as if his friend and collaborator Lil Yachty will be joining the Ugliest God to wreak havoc. Thanks Ugly God.