UFC Welterweight Champion Kamaru Usman recently sat down for a lengthy interview with Joe Rogan, during which they discussed the pressures of being a UFC champion, his recent title defense against Colby Covington and a potential fight against Jorge Masvidal. Speaking of potential fights, Usman also shed some light on who is dream opponent would be. 

Steve Marcus/Getty Images

When asked to name his dream fight, Usman quickly chose UFC legend Georges St-Pierre, despite the fact that a bout with Conor McGregor would generate much more money. According to Usman, he has so much respect for GSP that it would be an honor just to share the octagon with him.

"Georges went out the way you're supposed to go out - and he can still do it." says Usman. "He's one of those guys that's not just gonna stop training. He's been training, he's still training, and I know he can compete still."

"This is no disrespect by any means, but there's a reason why guys like myself and Khabib [Nurmagomedov] want to fight him. Georges was the best. He did everything the right way... and got to the top, and walked away, and he can still do it. So we want to test ourselves against a guy like that because we pride ourselves on being the best. We've worked tirelessly to get to this point, to where it's not necessarily for the hype or for the money - all of that is good, yes - but, we want to test ourself against the best to ever do it. And that's what Georges symbolizes."

As for a potential fight against McGregor, Usman tells Rogan, "Can you imagine me fighting Conor? Like, that wouldn't even be fair. Everyone has a puncher's chance, but it would not be fair." He adds, "I would do some bad things to Conor."

Check out Usman's full comments about his dream fight and his thoughts on McGregor in the video clip embedded below.