Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington were once friends and training partners but the two UFC stars are now embroiled in a war of words.

The most recent chapter of their feud began when Covington accused Masvidal of being jealous of his success inside the octagon. In a recent interview with ESPN's Ariel Helwani, Covington said of Masvidal, “Now I’ve passed over him. I’m making more money than him, I’m banging hotter chicks than him, I’m doing better in life and he’s just a jealous little bitch.”

Helwani then caught up with Masvidal, who recalled a specific incident at UFC 241 when Covington allegedly ran to Dana White during their dispute.

“He had to tell Dana White that I was trying to assault him [at UFC 241]. Dana White came over to me like we’re in kindergarten talking about, ‘don’t give out no three piece and a soda.’ I go, ‘what the fuck are you talking about, Dana?’ He goes, ‘Colby’s telling me you’re trying to fucking assault him. You can’t do that.’ I go, ‘man that’s guys such a bitch.’ Let’s talk like men. Why are you online doing all this shit? For a like, for a follow, a fan? That’s how low your soul is?” 

Masvidal, who is set to headline UFC 244 at MSG opposite Nate Diaz, continued:

“Two weeks ago he’s saying I’m his best friend. I haven’t said none of that shit in a while because this motherfucker did some shit I didn’t like to somebody that I adore, and that’s my coach. So since then we haven’t been cool. This dude needs to slow down. He knows better than most who the fuck I am,” Masvidal said.

“So I’ll be at the gym, Colby, if you’re hearing this you little bitch, cause you will. He acts like he’s not sensitive at all but he’s the most sensitive dude I’ve ever met. He cries when he reads comments.”

You can listen to the full conversation below, the Covington discussion starts around the 9:00 mark.